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NGIT is Tasmania's leading association representing a diverse range of industry sector members across our isolated island state; including production, propagation and retail nurseries, garden centres, growers, wholesale distributors, transporters, growing media suppliers, landscaping services, contractors and service providers, registered training providers, local councils and allied traders.

NGIT provides its members with a national voice, leadership, support and the resources to help drive key industry initiatives and ensure the nursery and garden industry is represented in the public and political arena.

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NGIT Listings

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PO Box 3009
T: 02 8861 5100
E: admin@ngitas.com.au
W: www.ngitas.com.au


Karen Brook
Brooklands Pty Ltd


Bill Allan
Noelene Allan
Henry Van Der Staay
Tony Vander Staay
Rose Vander Staay


Mark van der Staay
Westland Nurseries
E: president@ngitas.com.au

Vice President
Joe Kerin
Granton Plants

Karen Brock
Brocklands Pty Ltd

Lauren Chandler
Chandlers Nursery

NGIT Staff

Kay Carney
E: admin@ngitas.com.au

Workshops And Skills Development

Our role is to foster growth within the industry by providing cost-effective technical, industrial and commercial services to members and nonmembers of the nursery and garden industry.

NGIT is committed to keeping members informed of relevant business issues, new legislation, and technical issues and advancements by offering a range of industry specific workshops and business development opportunities.

In collaboration with our business partner, the Centre For Tasmanian Industry, information seminars are offered throughout the year, to ensure our members are conversant with current information and industry standards.

New Opportunities

NGIT represents members and non-members by aiding and promoting the industry in the areas of business development programs while also informing members on the impact to their businesses of key issues such as biosecurity, water management, environmental sustainability and pests and diseases.

NGIT continues to expand Tasmania’s professional network, influencing improvements at Federal and State Government levels, whilst establishing important partnerships that ensure support for the many and varied industry initiatives and future projects.

NGIT invites new members from all areas of horticulture to come and join us and add to the diversity of our membership base.

Our Vision

NGIT represents a unified Tasmanian nursery and garden industry that is productive, profitable and sustainable.

Our key objectives are:

  • Market – To increase the sales value of nursery products and services.
  • Communication – To build industry support through shaping government and public understanding. NGIT keeps its members regularly informed to ensure the ongoing development of the industry.
  • Innovation – It is our prime objective to enable the industry to respond to growth opportunities with the sharing of new and innovative developments.
  • Efficiency – To enhance industry resources through offering opportunities to upgrade skills, knowledge and practices, to develop new and important partnerships, and ensure support for the nursery and garden industry in Tasmania.
  • Governance – To support all areas of the industry through providing services and resources to our members.

Member Benefits

  • Accreditation programs to encourage best practices.
  • Development Officers with technical and commercial expertise.
  • Consultation on behalf of its members towards State and Federal Government organisations.
  • Industrial Relations updates and consultations through our partner the Centre for Tasmanian Industry.
  • Grow your business resilience with training; we offer access to industry specific information, workshops, webinars and forums. Membership discounts apply.
  • Regular information email updates on industry specific matters; accreditation, biosecurity, grants and assistance, legal issues, water management, Health and Safety and insurance.
  • NGIT Tassie eNews Bi-monthly newsletter – alerts to relevant up-to-date information and opportunities.
  • NGIT website and Facebook page – information is updated regularly, online subscriptions, links, downloads, registrations, partner information and member listings.
  • Social and networking functions with fellow NGIT members.

Our Members

photo of Westland Nurseries team gearing up for spring in Tasmania
Westland Nurseries team gearing up for spring in Tasmania

photo of Life members The Vander Staay's
Life members The Vander Staay's

Business Development

photo of The team at Chandlers Nursery - Tasmania's oldest nursery and retail garden centre Est 1888.
The team at Chandlers Nursery - Tasmania's oldest nursery and retail garden centre Est 1888.

As an employer, running a business can be a source of concern... but it doesn’t have to be.

NGIT is strongly proactive in supporting development of our member businesses. We’ve negotiated a great deal with Centre for Tasmanian Industry to act as our Business Development Consultant allowing you to access specialist assistance to help achieve outcomes that maximise quality, safety and investment in your people.

Dixie Emmerton and her team have met and worked with members across the state for over five years. They are your professional resource, dealing with your questions, working with and representing you, no matter what the size of your business. CTI understands compliance and how different legislation interacts to not only guide but also provide the knowledge & tools towards greater self-sufficiency across a range of areas.

  • Industrial Relations and Advocacy
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • Pay Rates & Classifications
  • Performance Management
  • Health, Safety and Training
  • Injury Management
  • Buying and Selling Businesses
  • Contract and Tender Assistance
  • Investigations, Mediation & Negotiation

NGIT Members receive:

  • FREE membership with CTI (valued @ $605 inc GST)
  • Access to a phone advice line or face-to-face meeting with consultants.
  • A substantial discount on service rates.
  • Access to CTI as your Industrial Advocate with Fair Work Australia, Safe Work or the Office of AntiDiscrimination.

For the complete solution when it comes to risk management for your business, talk with the specialist team from Centre for Tasmanian Industry. They’re with you every step of the way.

T: 03 6244 8881
E: info@centretasindustry.com
W: www.centreausindustry.com

photo of Center for Tasmanian Industry logo