Certified Nursery Professional

The Certified Nursery Professional (CNP) program is the nursery and garden industry's professional recognition scheme for individuals.

Certified Nursery Professional logoAcknowledging members for their skill and knowledge along with their ongoing commitment in these areas. The program showcases the expertise and dedication of the CNPs to a public and industry audience.

The program provides the public with the assurance that CNPs have the knowledge and skills to provide superior services, and in this way, the program simultaneously raises the image and the profile of CNPs, the business for which they work and the Nursery and Garden Industry as a whole.

Most businesses consider skilled and knowledgeable staff to be their most valuable asset. By encouraging staff to participate in the CNP program, businesses demonstrate their commitment to staff development and reap the benefits of staff that are more knowledgeable, enthusiastic and loyal with an enriched personal working experience

Why does the Nursery & Garden Industry need a CNP Program?

  • It is vitally important that consumers are made aware that there are educated, experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise working within the nursery and garden industry.
  • In an ever changing, competitive and often demanding environment, the industry needs to ensure that its personnel are kept up-to-date in their skills and knowledge.
  • It is important for industry personnel to have available to them a formal program recognising the expertise gained from years of hard work within the industry, their professional skills and qualifications.

For further information including a list of membership benefits and criteria, call Nursery & Garden Industry Australia on 02 8861 5100, email info@ngia.com.au or visit ngia.com.au.

Members List



Emma De Landre (S)
ACT Government


Andrew Attwood (P)
Go Grow

Geoff Bailey (S)
Jamberoo Native Nursery

Bruce Beesley (P)
Go Grow

Ian Bowie (S)
Toolijooa Nursery

Michael Danelon (S)
Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT (NGINA)

Scott Featherston (S)
AIS Greenworks Pty Ltd

Ben Habershon (P)
Alpine Nurseries Sales Pty Ltd (Alstonville)

Brian Merrick (S)
Brian Merrick Retail Mentor & Consultant

Christopher O'Connor (S)
Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA)

Stephen Rixon (S)

Corey Walcer (P)

Brent Tallis (S)
Overland Nurseries


Estelle Cornell (P)
Allora Gardens Nursery


Steve Hart (S)
Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland

Renee Holbrook (P)
Brookfield Garden Centre

Lex McMullin (S)
Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland

Chelsea van Rijn (P)
Trevallan Lifestyle Centre

Tony Randall (S)
Arbor Access Australia

John McDonald (S)
Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland


Erica Bartsch (P)
Barossa Nursery


Volker Mischker (P)
TASWA Training Consultants


David Stewart (S)
Peninsula Training & Employment Program Inc.

Michael Walker (S)
Mikkat Management

Philip Wratten (S)
Dream-Time Wholesale Nursery

Josh Kyne (P)
Wandin Valley Nursery


Robert Blackburn (P)
WA Cactus & Succulent Supplier

Colin Groom (S)
Domus Nursery

Ross Hooper (P)
Zanthorrea Nursery

John Robertson (S)
Fairbridge Western Australia Inc.

Mark Tucek (S)
Domus Nursery


Bob Wynyard (S)